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Join the Constellation and work with us to make the financial markets the most protective force on the planet

A new Constellation
driving systemic change

“You cannot protect the environment unless you empower people, you inform them, and you help them understand that these resources are their own, that they must protect them."

Wangarĩ Maathai, Kenyan political activist and Nobel Prize winner

Launching The Constellation

Rewired Earth and Bankers for Net Zero launch ‘The Constellation’ to drive transparency throughout global supply-chains


‘The Constellation’, led by Rewired Earth and Bankers for Net Zero (B4NZ), harnesses support from PwC UK, NatWest, Deloitte, Experian, GS1 UK, Kantar, Ordnance Survey, Phoenix Group, We Don't Have Time, One Planet, UNEP FI and many more, to accelerate systemic change that mobilises financial markets to become the most protective force on the planet.


The creation of this new collaboration comes in response to King Charles III’s COP28 challenge to find different solutions and initiatives that can be combined to “ensure coherent long-term approaches across sectors, countries and industries”. Launching in January, this ‘Constellation of Coalitions’ presents a clear opportunity to address this challenge, and invites interested entities to share their expertise, experience and trusted networks to create greater trust and transparency through supply-chains at a global scale.     


This influential coalition of global corporations, institutions, community initiatives and academics have come together for the first time with the common aim of providing greater monitoring and reporting of the world’s supply-chains. ‘The Constellation’ is led by Rewired Earth and Bankers for Net Zero (B4NZ), and supported by another 40+ entities, who will enable Governments, financial services and companies to understand how to encourage, support and verify sustainable supply-chains across the world. The coalition is calling for other entities to join forces in realising this shared vision.


Other early participants in the Constellation include ACCA, British Standards Institute, CodeGreen Labs, Compator, Dentons Global Advisors, Edinburgh Science, Encompass, Esri UK, Every Action Counts, Financial Machineries, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), Green Digital Finance Alliance (GDFA), GS1, Horatii, Icebreaker One, IkonoTV, Institute of Directors, Intaconnected, Microsoft, Normative, One Planet, Paradigm Norton, Pineapple Partnerships, PlucTV, Rebalance Earth, Rewriting Extinction, RoZetta Technology, SEC Newgate, The Banking Association South Africa (BASA), TIME CO2, Trase, True, University of Exeter and Youth4Planet.

We the undersigned commit to

Delivering on these commitments will enable us to provide consistent, comparable, auditable and trustworthy data on how businesses are meeting their stakeholders’ sustainability expectations. Our aim is to rewire global financial markets, transforming them into a force that protects the planet and society.


Supporting Rewired Earth and 'The Constellation' in the development of a straightforward common global framework for capturing and communicating the supply and demand for sustainable goods and services, so that money can be directed effectively to support them.


Working with Rewired Earth and 'The Constellation' in an international collaboration of institutions, governments, businesses and communities to create transparency on the impacts incurred through global supply chains.


Contributing to the evolution of corporate sustainability reporting to meet the growing demand from companies’ stakeholders.

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