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Rewired Earth is a not-for-profit coalition that compares what people want businesses and Government to prioritise and what they are actually doing based on real decision-grade data

'Rewiring for Success' Report - How impact data creates Hope
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Companies should be rewarded for being sustainable, but they aren’t. Yet.

Together, with some of the most forward thinking companies, individuals, governments and charities, we’re starting to drive systemic change - to rewire the financial market and ensure that companies who are making a truly positive impact get rewarded properly.

Our current systems are full of conflicting challenges, acting as barriers to sustainable business.


Without standardised sustainability targets, effective action is guesswork.

There’s no way to know if the ‘good guys’ are making the right impact and so if you’re a truly sustainable business, you lack the trust you deserve from the public, losing out on huge value potential as a result.


Societal and environmental issues are interlinked, but they aren’t being viewed as such.

Vital resources are wasted on conflicting solutions that often focus solely on carbon reduction/offsetting and, ultimately, don’t work to solve key issues. We need to take a holistic approach to solve multiple aggregated problems.


There’s no way for the public to communicate their sustainability demands.

Businesses aren’t able to understand and meet the public’s demands properly, and consumers and investors aren’t able to make confident financial decisions that align with their core values.


There’s a lack of credibility and trustworthy reporting.

Businesses aren’t able to understand and meet the public’s demands properly, and consumers and investors aren’t able to make confident financial decisions that align with their core values.


The more you look, the worse you look.

If you do make the effort to report on your impact, there’s potential to uncover issues in your supply chain or elsewhere. This acts as a huge disincentive to detailed reporting - sustainability becomes a regulatory burden, rather than the gold mine that it could be.


Giving the public a platform to use their voice

For the first time, you will be able to understand the public’s sustainability priorities and see exactly where your business should be focussing its attention.

Rewired Earth’s Citizen Square gives people of the world a platform to use their voice and directly communicate to businesses, helping us build a collective market demand signal.


Least Care to Most Care 


Helping you make a better impact on the planet and your business

By clearly showing the impact of your company and its supply chain on the people and the planet, Rewired Earth’s Impact Square highlights areas for improvement and helps you build trust with your audience.

This information allows consumers and investors to make more informed financial choices that align with their core values.


Negative to Positive Impact

Collaborative and sustainable solutions 


A standardised approach to sustainability will benefit everyone.

Instead of a mishmash of sustainability frameworks leading to confusion and burnout, a shared language for sustainability across the whole world means everyone will have the confidence to know we’re making the right impact and the right choices with our money.


Impact data is trusted and regulated

Without the ability to gain from bespoke assessments on ESG and other sustainability initiatives, you will be able to easily compare your sustainability practises to others’ and ultimately profit more from reporting accurate impact data that is properly scrutinised.


A collaborative and holistic approach will save the world!

No one person or company can solve these global problems alone, it requires collaboration. A holistic approach eliminates the need for competing frameworks and unifies societal and environmental solutions, fast-tracking the progress we need to save our planet.


The more you look, the better you look

Highlighting flaws and areas to improve on will help you to gain trust with your consumers and investors, meaning they’re more likely to stick with you. It’ll also provide you with accountability and help you stay on track to meet sustainability targets.


Unlocking huge value potential

The platform gives your business the means to deliver exactly what your consumers and investors want. You’re able to see what the public’s sustainability demands are and deliver them - reaping huge financial rewards as a result.

Our Partners

Our founding and supporting partners are offering critical resources, expertise and real-life use cases, as we scale Rewired Earth.

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The largest sustainability data gathering exercise on earth

We’re delivering a multi-faceted mass public engagement campaign, asking millions of people what sustainability focuses they want businesses to have, and in what order. You get this actionable data to tell you what your customers, staff and shareholders want you to do, and (importantly) how they think you’re doing.

Multi-faceted mass public engagement campaign...


SDG priorities ranked


SDG priorities ranked


SDG priorities ranked


SDG priorities ranked

...Actionable data for your business to focus on.

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