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Rewiring the market as a force for good

Advisory Board

Rewired Earth are bringing together a team with truly diverse expertise and experience across business, government, academia and civil society.


Iain is a Deputy Speaker of of the House of Lords. An experienced CEO with extensive experience of politics and the labour movement, he was General Secretary of the Labour Party 2011-2018.  


Lord Iain McNicol


Tasha is the Cayman Islands Government representative to the UK. Formally trained to the doctorate level in psychology with a focus on marriage and family therapy, she has worked across a range of policy areas including employment, tertiary education strategy, child safeguarding, adoptions, procurement and prisons monitoring.


Dr Tasha Ebanks Garcia


Director General of the Institute of Directors with a mission to re-focus the IoD on its purpose and values, Jon is an accomplished global business leader, speaker and author. He is a business change specialist and advisor to management teams with experience implementing practical business strategies across cultures and markets.


Jon Geldart

D Keeling Pic 2019 (3).jpg

Debbie is an experienced Administrator and Professor of Marketing. She is passionate about facilitating impact through research and knowledge exchange. Skilled in a wide range of topics including Consumer Psychology and Marketing Research, she holds a PhD focused in Psychology from University of Wales.


Debbie Keeling


Rob Gardner


Co-founder of Reddington and ex-Investment Director of St.James’ Place, Rob has had a storied career in financial services. He now is a co-founder and co-CEO of Rebalance Earth, as well as a director or advisor to a number of commercial and not-for-profit organisations.


Lorraine Mackin


Currently studying an MSc in Sustainability and Business, Lorraine was Global Head of Government for KPMG and has held senior positions at EY and Capgemini consulting. She is focussed on the need to support Government in charting a path to sustainable growth and net zero in a fair and equitable way.


Nick Stace


Nick is Head of sustainability and social purpose for Barclays UK, Chair of the Conduit Club Holding Company and Trustee of the National Trust. He is also formerly CEO of The Prince’s Trust, founder of three youth based charities, board member of the Financial Conduct Authority and consumer champion in the UK and Australia.

Mark Glover.jfif

Mark Glover


Executive Chairman of SEC Newgate UK, Mark helps boards solve complex strategic communications issues. He is an expert in advocacy and ethical lobbying with broad experience. Mark is the Senior Warden of the Company of Communicators and an Honorary Alderman of the London Borough of Southwark.


Heather Buchanon


Heather is CEO of The Athena Foundation and Co-Founder of Bankers For Net Zero, the UK Country Chapter of the Net Zero Banking Alliance under GFANZ. She is also the Director of Policy and Strategy for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 23.25.45.png

Joe Tilley


Joe is passionate about social impact, either in his work as Crown Commercial Services Sustainability Director or privately via his founding of an Edible Biomarker traceability start-up - recognised by the UN as one of 16 start-ups delivering on the UNSDGs.


Matt Higham


A technologist and problem solver to the core, Matt is CTO at PA Consulting and a Trustee of Diabetes UK. He was previously Chief Digital Officer for Costain, and Microsoft UK. He is centred around inclusions and has worked across a wide range of vertical markets.


Pooran Desai


The creator of the One Living Planet concept, Pooran has set up enterprises in sustainable forestry, farming and recycling; and put together the first zero carbon village, BedZED. He is now working with partners to build a digital platform,, to support cities and companies to take more joined-up action on sustainability.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 21.29.12.png

Jo Daley


Jo is Head of Impact at Clearwater International. She has over 15 years experience supporting large corporations to understand climate risk and ESG. She now leads all aspects of ESG, both corporate and client offer.

normative-kristian-headshot (2)[75]_edited.jpg

Kristian Rönn


Kristian Rönn is the CEO and co-founder of Normative. He has a background in mathematics, philosophy, computer science and artificial intelligence. Kristian is a thought leader within carbon accounting and has advised governments and international bodies.


Dr Pooja Paul


Pooja is a Cognitive Scientist-turned-Entrepreneur on a mission to leverage her expertise on human behavior in the fight to curb a quickly warming planet. She is Founder and CEO of Habitable Earth, using the best insights on human behavior to make planet-friendly lifestyle choices easier. 


Renato Beltran


Renato is a Corporate coverage executive and Sustainable Banking lead in the UK for SEB. With experience in Latam, US and UK, he understands the social and environmental priorities and preferences across markets. He is passionate about making an impact on climate, nature and people by redirecting capital to the SDGs.

David Carlin FT 2024[21].jpg

David Carlin


David Carlin oversees UNEP- Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)’s Risk Centre. He has worked with more than 100 financial institutions on topics of climate scenarios, climate risk assessments, and sustainability regulation. 

CB headshot[6].jpeg

Caty Batten


Caty is a sustainability professional and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience working across international development, environmental conservation, international events and enterprise education. She is co-founder at Intaconnected.

Mark M.png

Mark Manning


Mark is an independent advisor on sustainable finance, working with

organisations including the IFRS Foundation and the Grantham Research Institute, LSE and Political Science. Mark spent most of his career in financial regulation, holding senior roles at the Bank of England, Reserve Bank of Australia and the FCA.

Aileen Mathieson office background[87].jpg

Aileen Mathieson


Aileen joined Aspen in November 2021, as the Group Chief Investment Officer and is based in the London office. She brings more than 15 years of investment and financial experience.

Management Committee

Our Management and Operations Committee is currently responsible for the day to day running of the organisation.


Jeff is a Chairman & CEO with significant experience of digital transformation in financial services. A strong, creative business leader with a sustainability focus & a track record of value creation in B2B, B2C & B2B2C. He is Chair of Natwest TDS and is on the INSEAD corporate governance board.

Jeff Scott



Jeff Scott


Having built the coalition over the last 3 years, Rupert has strong relationships with leaders across public and private sectors, in the UK and internationally. He previously scaled a tech company from early stage to FTSE 250 listed international business, and has run organisations focused on delivering environmental and social change at scale.

Rupert Pearce



Rupert Pearce

Krysia colour.jpg

Krysia is a data, privacy and technology lawyer. She has over 10 years’ experience working with and for large and complex companies on data protection, data privacy and other legal matters.

Krysia Sturgeon


Co-founder & legal

Krysia Sturgeon


A career in Financial Services spanning more than three decades, laterly foccussing on Risk & Compliance, Gail has held the Chief Risk & Compliance Officer role at a number of high street Financial Services companies. Alongside, Gail has held voluntary Trustee roles with organisations aligned with her personal social values. 

Gail Glen


Programme Lead

Gail Glen

Nicola edited.jpg

Nicola is a forward-thinker, who applies what are sometimes theoretical concepts to real situations to create positive, sustainable change. She first worked on greenhouse gas emissions when assisting Dr Michael Grubb at Chatham House in 1989, having just spent two years teaching in Sudan. 

Nicola Steen


Nicola Steen


Chris Sims.jpg

Christopher is a sociologist researching information inequalities. His work has been published widely and he is an Open Access advocate on the principle that making research freely available enhances the global exchange of knowledge. He holds a PhD from King’s College London.

Christopher Sims


Head of Research

Dr Chris Sims


Chris has spent 20 years working in regulated Financial Services Finance functions, in roles including Head of Investor Relations and Chief Finance Officer. He has therefore seen first-hand the interaction between Board and stakeholders when building and executing strategy.

Chris Rutt


Chris Rutt


Jonathan White

Jon is an experienced and entrepreneurial art director who over 25 years’ has built up a client base of national and international clients. He has a track record of delivering high-quality branding and design work for the arts/culture, education, science/research sectors, and more recently exploring the climate and sustainability space. 

Jon White


Art Director

Jon White

David Cox.jpg

David led Sustainability for Microsoft’s Global Financial Services Division in which he worked with several financial institutions around the world helping them develop their sustainability strategy. In addition to Sustainability, he has a deep background in innovation and digital transformation across several industries. 

David Cox


Business Development

David Cox


Paul is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, founder of Rewriting Extinction, Emmy-nominated writer and producer, bestselling author of The Most Important Comic Book on Earth and animal lover fighting to protect species from extinction. He has led campaigns with leading stars and organisations, reaching tens of millions of people.

Paul Goodenough



Paul Goodenough

Our Company Structure is a UK Community Interest Company (“CIC”). This means it cannot make a return for shareholders (it doesn’t have any).


Rewire the market as a force for good

Governance Structure

To roll out Rewired Earth across nations, country chapters will be created to manage embedding Rewired Earth at a country level and feeding back into the core operational governance structures.

Our Management and Operations Committee is currently responsible for the day to day running of the organisation.
The committee’s role is to ensure the strategy is consistent with the delivery of sustainable change for all its stakeholders. 

Whilst Rewired Earth ‘owns’ the tools and platform, we are a not for profit, and everyone should benefit from our existence. In harnessing knowledge and expertise from across academia, science, business, government, regulators and civil society, we will drive and embed change globally.

Rewired Earth are bringing together a team with truly diverse expertise and experience across business, government, academia and civil society. The role of the advisory board is critical to Rewired Earth's governance structure. The board meets formally quarterly. 



Impact/Technical Committee




Vital to our model is the group of academics, lived-experience experts, politicians and business leaders to continually refine and improve the Impact Metrics that make up our model. Mapped against all of the established standards, we are starting with the metrics that are most impactful and easily extracted through a supply-chain.

Taken from across business, government, academia and civil society our industry experts work across the market to ensure our methodology can be easily adopted and is fit for purpose.

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