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Rewiring the financial markets as a force for good

Building a sustainable future

"We need to do whatever it takes to slow down climate change. Working together like we did in the pandemic, diverting all our energy and resources to building a global data platform, where verified impact data for the whole supply chain can be shared with consumers and investors."

Ruby, 11, Global Horizon Perspectives Summit 2021

A Message from Rewired Earth

Climate change is already having a deeply destructive impact on people and our planet. Its ultimate consequences could be far more devastating. We urgently need to change the way we live to protect the environment and our communities.


However recognising how interrelated considerations for people, planet and prosperity are, as well as the sheer financial scale of the change required makes this a daunting challenge. No one person or company can solve this alone, it requires a global collaboration and a shared language.


In building a tool to understand which sustainable development goals people care about the most, and how companies are performing against these same goals, brings a level of transparency to sustainability that can rebuild trust across the financial markets. Deployed globally, it will give citizens a voice, an informed choice, and businesses a reason to change; for the first time creating a true business case for sustainable action.


The development of’s not-for-profit sentiment analysis tool, common data model and aggregation methodology and sustainability platform will require unprecedented levels of global collaboration across nations, industry, academia and civil society. To solve the greatest challenge of our time, we need your support…


A financial system that is the biggest force for good on the planet. 


Co-develop a shared language for sustainability that values our values; enabling the public to have a voice and the market to reward sustainable behaviour.   

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Help us rewire the financial market

At the moment activities focussed on saving the planet are not valued by the market. The framework needs to bring charities, foundations, and sustainable behaviours into the scope of the market & the supply chain. Help us rewire the market today.

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