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Business & Individuals


• Understand consistently what key stakeholder groups care about and how they view your behaviour today. This allows you to: • Design better products to meet customer needs; • Change practices to meet employee priorities; • Refine your investor relations approach; • Engage in action, with a clearer mandate • Position your brand as a key driver of a global initiative at the forefront of sustainable innovation and development • Demonstrate your purpose agenda to stakeholders • Do the right thing for people and our planet, leaving a true sustainable legacy.


• Contribute to an initiative that can drive sustainability globally, where your values orient businesses, policy makers and impact organisations • Gain insight into how your sustainability priorities and perceptions compare to those of individuals and groups from all over the world. • Connect like-minded individuals and groups locally, nationally, and internationally to drive collective action towards a sustainable future. • Receive clear recommendations on actions you can take, charities you can support, and individuals/organizations you can collaborate with based on your sustainability priorities. • Contribute to a global fund that ensures resources are allocated based on your sustainability priorities and to organizations that have experience dealing with the challenges you care about. • Use a quick and easy tool that maximizes convenience, engagement, and impact while minimizing effort and survey fatigue. • Focus on the topics that matter most to you and become aware of how to address them by co-creating a universal language for understanding priorities and perceptions. • Gain knowledge and understanding about the UN SDGs, while increasing your interest and engagement towards achieving a sustainable future. • This clarity will empower individuals and accelerate change.

Rewired Earth

Transforming financial markets into the most protective force on the planet

Policy Makers + Impact Orgs

Policy Makers

• Provides an ongoing insight into people's prioritized values that can be used to inform policy and legislation. • Enables collective action that can lead to sustainable development globally. • Accelerates the social and environmental efforts of organizations and their policy formation. • Creates an interconnected global community that provides a mandate to policy makers internationally, expediting positive social and environmental change. • Provides a common language and mechanism for sharing social and environmental priorities at policy level. • Gives an opportunity for policy makers to deliver policy and legislation that represents the interests of individuals at scale, while supporting sustainable development globally. • Supports impact organisations to deliver their positive outcomes and impact on people and the planet directed by their priorities.

Impact Organisations

• Empowers impact organisations, ensuring they are properly supported to deliver their positive outcomes and impact on people and the planet.  • Facilitates collective action: The initiative enables individuals to provide ongoing insight into their prioritised values and encourages collective action, enabling impact organisations to have a larger impact.  • Increases financial and consumer market power: By enabling financial and consumer markets to become the most powerful force for good, the initiative helps impact organisations to achieve their goals.  • Accelerates sustainable action: The global impact fund will accelerate social and environmental change, based on the priorities of individuals in each particular country. • Provides an opportunity for individuals to make their sustainability demands known, allowing them to communicate and engage with impact organisations.  • Demonstrates the collective impact: The initiative seeks to demonstrate the collective impact we can all have when we work together, inspiring impact organizations to join the initiative. • Ensuring that the market rewards impact organisations that are doing the right thing for people and the planet.

Rewired Earth

Transforming financial markets into the most protective force on the planet

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