We the undersigned recognise that institutions, governments, investors, businesses and consumers all have a critical role in protecting both our planet and our communities.


Fulfilling this responsibility requires us to evolve the global economy, rewiring the financial markets to support sustainability. This rewiring will depend on a straightforward common framework that allows us to understand both what a companies’ stakeholders (citizens, employees, consumers and investors) expect, and the impact their goods and services are having.


We need a single solution, with reliable data that will work effectively across the whole of the global economy. We need to collaborate to agree on a common approach or we risk creating fresh confusion and frustration.


We the undersigned commit to:

  • Support in the development of a straightforward common global framework for capturing and communicating the supply and demand for sustainable goods and services, so that money can be directed effectively to support them.

  • Work with in an international collaboration of institutions, governments, businesses and communities to create transparency on the impacts incurred through global supply chains.

  • Contribute to the evolution of corporate sustainability reporting to meet the growing demand from companies’ stakeholders.


Delivering on these commitments will enable us to provide consistent, comparable, auditable and trustworthy data on how businesses are meeting their stakeholders’ sustainability expectations.


Our aim is to rewire global financial markets, transforming them into a force that protects the planet and society.


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